Madhavi says, “we’ve started trying to design products where you see the result very quickly after one use.Things like lip pluming or blemish treatments, because you’ll see results after a single use. And that’s a way of positively reinforcing the use of our device because you’re delighted by the results.”

Today, we interview Madhavi Gavini, CEO of Droplette. Droplette is a technology company revolutionizing the skincare industry with its breakthrough device. The Droplette device and capsules use our enhanced aerosol technology to deliver active ingredients under the skin – where they can actually work.

We discussed:

* What she’s grateful for
* An overview and origin of the brand
* Discovering that for skin treatments, there is a delivery problem
* How treatments get on your skin (usually)
* What is “diffusion”
* Being a start up founder and mathematician
* The challenges with brand building
* Droplette’s big picture vision
* Wanting to be a tech platform for other brands
* The challenge of getting people to change behavior
* New product versions and formulations coming out soon!
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Madhavi Gavini as we break down the inside story of Droplette on The Story of a Brand.

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