In this first part of this Feature, Kate Weiler, Co-Founder of Drink Simple, breaks down the journey to creating Drink Simple. She shares her own entrepreneurial story starting as a dedicated triathlete to discovering her passions in a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

There was no better way to delve into that passion than through her discovery of maple water.
Despite popular belief, maple water is not equivalent to the maple syrup we put on our pancakes. Water is actually the original form it takes before being boiled down into the syrup.

Without the boil, it is a must-try hydrating water that holds numerous benefits such as anti-aging, athletic booster, and a possible hangover helper for just after the upcoming holidays.

In Part 1, Kate discusses Introducing Drink Simple; The origins of Kate Weiler and how she came to create Drink Simple; Walking through the research process before starting a company; Getting back to the basics and cold calling; Finding creative marketing solutions to better your brand in a growing market; Moving through the hardships of building a brand and much more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Kate for The Story of a Brand, and listen to her share the inside story.

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