Liz and Erica say, “we are very grateful for how this community and this country have welcomed us. The opportunity here is real. We have talked about how important it is to share a piece of our culture. We are neighbors, yet so many people have not really tried authentic Mexican food. Usually when they think of Mexican food, they think of the fast-food chains. So we are very committed to not only providing authentic Mexican food but sharing a piece of our culture through food.”

Today, we interview Liz Gonzales Lara and Erica Arteaga, Co-founder of Dos Amigas. Dos Amigas is a woman and minority-owned business specializing in authentic Mexican food delivery to homes and businesses throughout Metro Denver.

We discuss:

* Why they are so grateful
* Overview and origin of the brand
* How they got started during the pandemic
* The challenges they face with logistics, recipes, and getting the word out
* Why they joined an accelerator program and how it helped them
* Sharing a piece of their culture
* What makes them proud about running Dos Amigas?
* Why they must get a stamp of approval from their mother
* Plans for the future, including expanding regions and possibly retail
* Advice for other founders
* New products and where to buy

Join Ramon Vela, Liz Gonzales Lara and Erica Arteaga as we break down the inside story of Dos Amigas on The Story of a Brand.

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