Laura says, “a nootropic is anything that really enhances your brain function. Caffeine itself is a nootropic. Cordyceps are a nootropic because they help with mental performance and fighting fatigue. There are a lot of natural ingredients that help your brain, whether it’s boosting brain cells or blood flow to that brain, reducing inflammation. You’ll often hear about a nootropic stack, which is when somebody combines these different ingredients that they create on their own for their own concoction. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it, so this is like your 101. If you’re new to nootropics, our item is a great entry point to really help you unleash that focus and energy.”

Today, we interview Laura Brooks, Co-founder of Dojo Labs. Dojo Labs provides health-focused, naturally sourced, non-habit forming supplements where energy and nootropics fuel your mental performance.

We discuss:

* Her gratefulness for her mentors throughout her life
* Overview and origin of Dojo Labs
* Why coffee and energy drinks just don’t cut it for energy
* Nootropics, what is it and why they use them
* How to reach flow states
* Their unique patent
* The benefits of caffeine
* Why they use tinctures
* Their launch with GNC
* How she experienced burnout and how she dealt with it
* Advice for other founders
* Their vision of the future

Join Ramon Vela and Laura Brooks as we break down the inside story of Dojo Labs on The Story of a Brand.

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