Divya says, “if you’re not fully digesting your food, that semidigested food, Ayurveda explains, clogs your system. It causes all kinds of blockages in the body, and then this leads to disease. So being a healthy vegetarian to me is really selecting the food that you can fully digest so that it can energize you and nourish you deeply.”

Today, we interview Divya Alter, Co-founder of Divya’s. Whether it’s through their master classes, restaurant, or products, Divya’s offer plant-based cooking for joy and health, rooted in Ayurveda.

We discuss:

* Why she’s grateful for her husband
* How she learned about Ayurveda
* Her journey with an autoimmune disease
* What is Ayurvedic cooking?
* Why ultra processed foods lowers the intelligence of the body
* The body’s ability to heal itself
* Why healing begins with self-awareness
* What is Kitchari?
* The six states of food
* A review and explanation of her 5 masterclasses
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Divya Alter as we break down the inside story of Divya’s on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Divya’s visit: https://divyas.com/

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Divya’s Book: Joy of Balance – An Ayurvedic Guide to Cooking with Healing Ingredients: 80 Plant-Based Recipes

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