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For Benjamin Smith, Founder of Disco, one of the goals of starting his brand was to de-stigmatize skincare for men. Essentially, educating and giving men the okay to care about their skin in ways they may have not done before. But there was more to it as well. He wanted his brand to be aligned with his personal beliefs of health, wellness, clean ingredients, and combining those elements into products that work. Here’s his story.
In Part 1 of this episode, Ben discusses Why he launched Disco, The call to control your destiny, How he was inspired by his family doctor, How his research study was used to launch the brand and raise funds, What creative agency help him, How one New York partner saved him money and led him to success, Advice for Entrepreneurs, Hs biggest Challenge, How COVID has affected his business, His post-COVID predictions, Why regardless of your cash position hard decisions need to be made, How he’s positioning Disco to win post-COVID, and so much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interview Ben in Part 1 of this episode and listen to him share the inside story of a brand.
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