Forest says, “68% of us pretend to check stuff (on phones) in order to avoid talking to people. 20% reported checking their phone while having sex. I don’t know how it’s possible, but okay? That’s just bonkers. Talk about a lack of meaningful connection and intimacy. I think something like 47% reported phone use in their relationship being one of the top two causes of fights.”

Today, we interview Forest Bronzan, Partner at Digital Detox. Digital Detox provides the skills to help you slowly bring your life and phone use back into balance—so technology can help you be a better parent and friend and partner and colleague.

As they say at Digital Detox, you deserve to feel better physically and mentally. To experience life in the moment. And to take back control of your time.

We discussed:

* What he’s grateful for
* An overview and origin of Digital Detox
* In memoriam: The story of Levi Felix, Founder of Digital Detox and Friend
* How Forest became involved with Digital Detox
* Stats and the emotional and physical impact that technology can have on our lives
* What you can do to bring balance into your life (and not let technology control your life)
* Why Digital Detox is not Anti-technology
* Tips that you can use in your daily life to minimize the impact of technology
* Parenting and technology
* The wildly popular Digital Detox Newsletter and what you can expect from it and more…

Join Ramon Vela and Forest Bronzan as we break down the inside story of Digital Detox on The Story of a Brand.

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