In the second part of this feature, Will and Robert Brunner, brothers and co-founders of Devereux, talk about their focus. They want to create a brand that’s affordable, functional, aesthetic, and stylish.

They mention that you don’t need to golf every day to wear golf apparel every day.

The brothers outline the design considerations when they put together a new piece of apparel. Their business is built around producing clothes that they would personally wear.

They keep referring back to their father and how they would dress and draw inspiration from him. After all, Devereux is intended to be a brand that any generation of man would be proud to wear.

In part 2, we learn about design considerations, the influence behind Devereux, and what big of a role the co-founders’ father played in the inspiration.

Join Ramon Vela, Will, and Robert as they discuss Devereux on The Story of a Brand.

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