In the second half of the Feature, Heather Florio, CEO of Desert Harvest, continues with what the brand did to maintain the emotional, mental health problems in the pandemic. The brand thought of ways to keep staff feeling connected, engaged, and healthy.

Heather says in regards to product development, Desert Harvest does a lot of research and works with doctors worldwide. Besides providing quality ingredients, products, and freshness to customers, the brand also has a compassionate assistance program for customers as well.

Then she mentions her book named “The Musculoskeletal Mystery,” which is about pelvic floor dysfunction.

She talks about:

* Benefits of their products
* Sexual lubricants
* Her book
* Why aloe vera is beneficial
* Their CBD
* Last thoughts
* New products and restorative tattoos

Join Ramon Vela and Heather Florio as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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