A high school friend’s struggle with excessively sweaty feet and hands provided the spark that created Dermadry, says Mathieu Mireault, co-founder and marketing director of the brand that sells a tap water iontophoresis device designed for home treatment.

“When he told me that ‘Hey, I have the solution where I put my hands in water and electricity, and I don’t sweat anymore,’ I was astounded, and I was even more blown away when he told me that he went from being very, very sweaty to being completely dry,” Mathieu says.

It turns out that about 5 percent of the general population deal with excessive sweating. Dermadry has helped more than 100,000 people globally with the condition.

“If we knew how hard it was initially, we probably would have never started the company,” Mathieu says. The team originally planned to have the device on the market in six months. After several six-month extensions, ultimately, they finished it in three years.

The motivation to continue the quest in that development period was knowing the product would help many people.

“When you do something that inspires and helps other people, it’s almost as good as a salary, just the feeling of purpose that you get from all that, that it is such an amazing motivator and a driver in a company,” he says.

In Part 1, Mathieu talks about:

* Gratitude for his family not standing in the way of his dream to become an entrepreneur.
* The inspiration behind the creation of Dermadry.
* Stories from satisfied customers who used the machine to change their lives or help enjoy a special moment.
* The delays his team encountered in creating the device and getting it to market.
* The motivation to push through the darkest days of development.

Join Ramon Vela and Mathieu Mireault as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Dermadry, visit: https://dermadry.com/

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