The not-so-simple syrups of Daysie were born because a similar product couldn’t be found, says Tara Pate, Founder of Daysie.

During the COVID pandemic, Tara built an at-home coffee bar but needed some flavored syrups to make her favorite drinks. She wasn’t impressed by the products she found on Amazon and couldn’t find anything fitting the bill at the local Whole Foods.

“Honestly, down that rabbit hole, I went thinking backward like if I could create a product that Whole Foods would carry on their shelves because of the ingredient integrity, then perhaps I was on to something,” she says.

Tara says her experience in CPG was a big help in creating the brand, from understanding the legal ramifications to building a community. Still, other challenges were awaiting her.

“I had no idea how to bring a product to America from scratch, and I had no idea about fulfillment and FDA regulations and what it means to be certified organic,” she says. “So while I had one piece of the pie that I felt really confident in, there were nine out of 10 other pieces that I was completely lost in.”

A one-piece that she struggled with was COVID-related. Tara initially launched Daysie as an e-commerce brand. Now that grocery stores and retailers are reopening, she’s having to connect with brick-and-mortar establishments to become more omnichannel.

Tara says she also hopes that consumers find other uses for syrups other than coffee. She has seen social posts of people using it to make desserts, cocktails, and cocktails.

In Part 1, Tara talks about:

* Gratitude to her husband for his support.
* An overview of the brand.
* How she came about the idea for the new brand.
* Early challenges.
* The effect of the pandemic.
* Other uses for the syrups.

Join Ramon Vela and Tara Pate as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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