With nearly all his funds gone and unable to perfect the process for making his instant Teas, Jim was about to give up. Fortunately, while casually glancing over the ingredients table for his wife’s face mask as he brushed his teeth, Jim stumbled onto the key to perfecting his process.

With his newfound appreciation for botanical extraction, Jim was able to perfect the process to create instant tea and coffee as well.

In part 1 of this Feature, we talk to Jim Lamancusa, Founder of Cusa Tea & Coffee. As an avid tea drinker and backpacker, Jim wanted a convenient way to carry his tea without worrying about harmful waste. With Cusa instant tea, anyone could enjoy a quality cup of tea any time and any place.

Tune in today to hear how Jim perfected your favorite teas and coffees into an instantaneous experience.

In part 1, Jim discusses Jim’s mentor experience; The 100 Ft Overview of the brand; The beginning of Jim’s love for tea; Discovering the need for instant tea; Perfecting instant coffee and tea; Composting tea and coffee; Packaging the product; and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Jim as they breakdown the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Cusa Tea & Coffee, visit: https://www.drinkcusa.com/

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