“It’s a really easy way to show your values,” that’s what Michael thinks about their conversation about their card deck. In part 2, Michael Tennant, Founder of Curiosity Lab, mentions their different card decks. He remarks that their happy hour edition is best for starters.

According to Michael, intuition is a cousin of empathy. Curiosity Lab is working with many leaders on spreading empathy across several areas as well as organizations. The brand is also starting its first meaningful content initiative. An article and video series called Driving Change from the Inside will be out on November 4th and should be available when this feature is published.

Curiosity Lab works with DNI-focused companies that genuinely want to create a safe space for all its employees.

He talks about:

* Spreading empathy
* Being aware of emotions
* Their card decks
* Their workshops
* Criteria for companies
* Where to start
* Curiosity Lab’s guidelines

Join Ramon Vela and Michael Tennant as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Curiosity Lab, visit: https://www.curiositylab.io/

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