In the next half of this Feature, Chris Meade, Co-Founder & CEO of CROSSNET, dives into the 500% increase in sales due to quarantine. He talks about the high demand for sporting goods and how he has been able to keep up. He discusses the importance of securing a patent and meticulously tracking every dollar of sales in the first year of operation. He talks about plans to grow the sport, how his team is creating buzz, and what he’s looking forward to in the future.

In part two, Chris discusses How quarantine drove sales up 500%, How they were able to obtain a patent early on, and why that was such a crucial step, The different ways they are growing the sport; Crossnet is being used in over 5,000 physical education classrooms nationwide to teach volleyball, How they’re starting events and tournaments around the country and creating massive buzz around the sport, Landing partnerships with Wilson and Dick’s Sporting Goods, What he hopes to accomplish next in business, and so much more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Chris in Part 2 of this episode and listen to them share the inside story of their brand.

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