Paul says, “shipping protection, the way that we look at, is a third party white glove experience that you as a consumer can add at the checkout level to your cart that helps protect you against lost theft, damage, basically anything that could happen in transit, but also offset 100% of the carbon that’s associated with your order.”

Today we interview Paul Bartholomew, Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer. Corso provides carbon offsets + shipping protection to Shopify brands.

In this episode, we’re given trends & insights and strategic and tactical best practices that you can use right away to enhance and grow your subscriptions. We also cover some growth advice for other SaaS companies.

We discuss:

* His gratefulness for his wife
* Overview and origins of Corso and why they are merchant focused
* Why post-purchase is so vital
* How to brands can be more sustainable
* Trends that they see in the market, including sustainability, outsourcing, and more
* Advice for entrepreneurs, including trusting your team
* Advice on growth
* How Corso works with brands, including onboarding, fees
* Their new upcoming suite of products

Join Ramon Vela and Paul Bartholomew, as we break down the inside story of Corso on The Story of a Brand.

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