“Don’t be so afraid of risk,” says Debbie Mullin, CEO and Founder of Copper Cow Coffee in the second half. She says she is passionate about sharing something delicious and believes there’s no better path for her than this brand.

According to her, it’s hard to accept the realization that you don’t want something you built momentum for. The struggle she went through in large bureaucratic organizations was her motivator. She loves entrepreneurs because it doesn’t matter who you are but rather what you can create and move forward.

Copper Cow Coffee doesn’t include any artificial flavors. Their coffee is a blend of both robusta and arabica coffee beans. In the future, Debbie wants to continue making things easier for customers.

In part 2, she talks about:

* Sharing something delicious
* Her advice for others
* How is her role as a woman
* Coffee path
* Capturing Vietnamese taste
* Feedback of her family
* What’s next

Join Ramon Vela and Debbie Mullin as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Copper Cow Coffee, visit: https://coppercowcoffee.com/

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