In the first part of this Feature, Shannon Gabor, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Clever Creative, tells us how Clever wasn’t necessarily designed to be all female at first, as Shannon comments, it was a “gift of the pandemic.” Through times like these, it’s important to be introspective and true to your value. With this in mind, Shannon stumbled onto the importance of keeping a tight-knit family that runs Clever Creative. As you’ll hear on the show, Shannon Gabor, a fast-talking creative from Jersey, is not only dedicated to the craft, but she’s dedicated to the relationships she builds throughout her day-to-day running of Clever. Being a brand at Clever Creative doesn’t mean hiring a marketing team, it means partnering with some of the most creative people at a company that not only love their jobs, but love growing with the companies they work with.
In the first part, Shannon discusses Who is Clever Creative; Why Shannon’s “Daria” stage will always be important; Understanding how to use your left and right brain in the best of ways; Choosing your mentors and adopting their wisdom; Adapting to your environment especially as a brand; COVID Impacts; Adapting your company with its surrounding community; And so much more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Shannon in Part 1 of this episode and listen to her share the inside story of a brand.

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