“The beverage tastes better because of the cause,” tells Wes Hurt, Founder of Clean Cause, a beverage brand that gives 50% of profits to support individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Wes mentions that big problems require big solutions. In the beginning, they had bottled water then made caffeine products. In either case, purchasing their products makes an impact.

He talks about big companies with no cause just chemicals in a can. Then discusses how the Clean Cause scholarship initiative for sober living is a bridge to help individuals transition back into life.

He discusses:

* Moment of clarity and killing the pain
* Looking back at life lessons
* Evolutionary timeline
* How Localization plays a part in their initiative
* Why everyone struggles with addiction
* What’s next
* What is a brand
* Where to get Clean Cause

Join Ramon Vela and Wes Hurt as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Clean Cause, visit: https://cleancause.com/

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