Recorded in my closet during the lockdown. Audio is choppy but the wisdom is real.

In part two,  Pete Maldonado, Co-Founder & CEO of CHOMPS talks about how good timing and key partnerships helped increase the demand for Chomps. He then discusses the ways in which his brand has been affected by COVID-19 and how they’ve been able to pivot successfully. Pete also talks about the rising trend of plant-based protein, and the bold move to market his meat sticks to vegans. Raw, authentic, and unapologetic, Pete’s passion and commitment to quality make Chomps a beloved brand.

In part two of this feature, Pete discusses: How a partnership with the Whole 30 diet system and the rise of Keto/Paleo diet trends increased the demand his product, How his company has been impacted by the recent “stay-at-home” orders, How the brand has shifted marketing strategies and re-focused more toward e-commerce, Why he doesn’t see the rising trend of plant-based protein products as a long-term threat, How his unconventional method of marketing to vegans has paid off, Why he believes people love Chomps and what keeps them coming back for more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Pete in Part 2 of this episode and gets the inside story of this amazing brand.

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