The Chili Chews team says, “we describe our candy as sweet, sour, and spicy, all in a single bite. But what’s interesting about it is it’s like a rollercoaster. So you’re getting one flavor at a time, but it’s all culminating into this basically savory experience that you can’t put down. I don’t want to use the word addicting, but once you have one, it’s very hard not to have two or three or four after that.”

Today, we interview Vicken Kejejian, Shant Reganyan, Emilio D’Angelo, Elya D’Angelo, Co-Founders of Chili Chews. Chili Chews is a gourmet candy company taking your tastebuds on a rollercoaster! With roots in Southern California, the company took its love for spicy candy and developed a modern twist on the classics we all love most.

We discuss:

* What they are grateful for
* The origins and overview of Chili Chews
* Facing a fork in the road on whether to go all-in into the business
* How their growth happened, including using paid ads, selling D2C and moving into retail
* Why they want to be a household name and brand
* How they are building awareness of their brand
* Breaking down the Chili Chews experience
* Their plans for 2023
* What they are most proud of
* Advice for Founders
* Interpersonal relationship – How they work together
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela, Vicken Kejejian, Shant Reganyan, Emilio D’Angelo, and Elya D’Angelo as we break down the inside story of Chili Chews on The Story of a Brand.

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