Chelsea says, “I think what we’re seeing is everybody’s looking at every area for ways to tighten their budget and their marketing dollars. And what is exciting about what’s possible with D2C is you’re still seeing this pushback into stores, but those that have invested well into D2C, realizes it influences the store purchase.”

Today, we interview Chelsea Jones, Co-founder of Chelsea & Rachel Co. One of only five woman-owned Shopify-Plus Preferred Partners in the world, Chelsea & Rachel, Co has a proven track record of delivering increased sales for eCommerce clients.

Focused on consumer food and wellness brands, Chelsea & Rachel, Co., is quickly leading the path on UX/UI design and custom Shopify development for enterprise brands looking to make a significant impact.

We discussed:

* What she’s grateful for
* Her origin story and overview of Chelsea & Rachel
* What to do when you feel stuck
* How do you raise kids when you’re a mom and entrepreneur?
* The big trends in the market
* Current challenges faced by brands and solutions
* What’s working and what’s not working
* What type of brands does she work with
* Why everything starts with strategy
* And so much more…

Join Ramon Vela and Chelsea Jones as we break down the inside story of Chelsea & Rachel Co. on The Story of a Brand.

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