Nick says, “Teresa Purzner, his Co-founder, went to the grocery store and was shocked to find that you could not get more than three or four of the 16 nutrients scientifically shown to be crucial to supporting brain growth in children in store-bought baby food.

He goes on to stress, “I think it’s important to note that it wasn’t three or four missing ingredients in any given pouch. It’s that 12 or 13 of these 16 nutrients were completely absent from any baby food you could buy at a grocery store.”

Today we interview Nick Langan, Co-founder of Cerebelly. This brand, developed by practicing neurosurgeons, offers organic baby food packed with 16 key brain-supporting nutrients that support how their brain and body grow.

We discuss:

* His gratefulness for founding the brand with his sister
* How it’s like to work with siblings within a business
* The cognitive function in babies
* How the brand started
* His Co-founders background in neuroscience and working with cancer treatments
* Three things crucial for development: genes, love, and nutrition
* Uncovering the 16 nutrients for brain health
* Why most baby food is manufactured the same way
* The unique manufacturing process of Cerebelly
* The crucial window for a babies brain development
* Why nutrition is 100% in your control
* Nutrients breakdown
* The Whole Food Story
* Advice for entrepreneurs including having a mission, always do the right thing, and more
* Why price point is important
* And much more…

Join Ramon Vela and Nick Langan as we break down the inside story of Cerebelly on The Story of a Brand.

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