Education is the most expensive piece of marketing, says Abianne Falla, co-founder of CatSpring Yaupon, a brand that cultivates and roasts farm-fresh yaupon. That’s why her company set up to be an ingredient supplier first so that other brands could share the onus of education.

“The more forms you see it on the shelf that Whole Foods, the more it will be familiar to a customer,” Abianne says. “And each of these brands will be focusing on different things like the regenerative, organic or the local sourcing or the taste or the health benefits.”

Another challenge is the duality of the company, she says. She’s a farmer and a manufacturer, which requires some unusual and unexpected steps along the way.

When it comes to starting a business, it’s important to realize there can be more than one possible answer to any question. Even good answers have flip sides, too, says Abianne.

“The best advice I got was to just focus on asking the best questions you can at each step and with the intention to kind of narrowing that region of darkness,” she says.

CatSpring’s products work with three different preparation methods. A new product – a dehydrated concentrate in crystal form – just launched. It can be rehydrated with hot or cold water.

In Part 2, Abianne talks about:

* Why her company focuses on being a producer first.
* Why education is the company’s largest challenge.
* Advice for other entrepreneurs starting a brand.
* How her career started as a CPA served her once she shifted to community development.
* A review of the company’s products.

Join Ramon Vela and Abianne Falla as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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