In the first part of this Feature, Braden Parker and Kevin Reid, Co-Founders of Casca Design, tell us about creating the shoe that lasts for years. High-quality tech shouldn’t just be for marathon runners but for the everyday person running to the office every day rain or shine. Whether it’s rainwater damage or the constant walking tears, Casca is dedicated to bringing quality shoes for your every day. Not only is getting into the shoe game hard with preexisting brands and popularity, but Casca was also out to create the ultimate shoe. The perfect design to lessen the number of shoes needed while adding to functionality and comfort. So listen in as Braden and Kevin talk about breaking the stigma of uncomfortable shoes as they achieve the impossible.
In the first part, Braden & Kevin discuss: What is Casca; The origins of the Co-Founders; The details of the perfect everyday shoe; Prioritizing functionality; COVID Impacts; Buying a shoe that lasts; Getting over start-up complications and building off of them; The Yin and Yang of Casca; The importance of bringing something new to the market; And so much more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Braden & Kevin in Part 1 of this episode and listen to them share the inside story of a brand.

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