The world’s No. 1 global THC beverage was birthed from “a place of inexperience,” says CANN Co-founder Luke Anderson.

“It was birthed from a place of inexperience, both from an inexperience with cannabis and inexperience with startups and having my hands on it,” Luke says. “But it’s encouraging because it means that anybody can do it. Anybody can start a company as long as they’re ruthless about resource allocation and focused on their activities and how much value they’re bringing in.”

Luke was a consultant at a management consulting firm, coaching companies on how to innovate when an “a ha” moment struck.

“I kind of started feeling this a little bit of imposter syndrome,” he says. “Why am I teaching people how to innovate and behave like a startup when I’ve never actually been an operator at a startup myself?”

A heavy drinker at the time, Luke had a friend in Colorado who was witnessing that state’s cannabis legalization movement. Together, they had the skills to bring CANN to market.

“When you are growing a business and you’re relentlessly focused on the outcomes, you have your head down, and you just keep sprinting. … We’re continuing to put our foot on the gas and just go, go, go because the people keep telling us to and they’re voting with their dollar,” he says. “I remember celebrating our 100,000 can. I remember celebrating our 1 million can. And now that we’re at 10 (million), it does feel like this is a real thing and not just a dream.”

One of the keys to the beverage’s success is the flavor, Luke says, which comes from picking the best possible ingredients. That means lavender from Switzerland, agave nectar from Mexico, and lemons from Italy.

More flavors and lighter sugar drinks are in the works, Luke says. Seasonal flavors also are available. The brand also launched its first music video campaign with an original song.

In Part 2, Luke talks about:

* The inspiration for starting the brand.
* A rundown of the products.
* The importance of quality ingredients.
* Upcoming releases and seasonal flavors.

Join Ramon Vela and Luke Anderson as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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