Improving the lives of pets through innovation and integrity, that’s the mission of Buddy Brands.

In the first part of this Feature, we sit with Trevor Crotts, CEO and Founder of Buddy Brands, a brand that provides a collection of solution-based pet product companies that solve real problems for pet people.

Trevor started Buddy Brands because he wanted to support his dog, who was expected to live less than ten years. His objective then became to help millions of dogs suffering the same fate.

From the start, people liked their work even though in the beginning they had challenges. The biggest challenge was articulating the value proposition and benefits of their products.

We discussed:

* What is Buddy Brands
* The story behind Buddy Rest
* The early days of the company
* Problems with new products along with their own experience
* What were strategies they used to overcome the challenges
* Keeping the messaging concise
* Mistakes brands make
* Focus on USP

Join Ramon Vela and Trevor Crotts as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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