Erica says, “it’s safe to eat raw, there’s less sugar, there’s added protein. It’s a healthier version of a snack that’s normally not vegan, but ours is plant-based… so you have health-conscious consumers who exercise or look for cleaner ingredients, who wouldn’t really normally eat the Pillsbury stuff that’s on the shelf… and kids love it too.”

 Today, we interview Erica Rankin, Founder & Chief Everything at Bro Dough. The best part of Bro Dough is that you are SUPPOSED to eat their cookie dough raw!

 Bro Dough is a is a healthier way to indulge in your favorite childhood treat. Low in sugar, 100% plant-based, and only quality ingredients. With added protein, Bro Dough is perfect for that post workout snack, or afternoon treat you can feel good eating.

We discussed:

  • Who and what she’s grateful for
  • The origin, overview, and the Why for Bro Dough Brand
  • How she started creating “better for you” versions of snacks in her kitchen
  • What strategies have helped her cope with the harsh entrepreneurial journey
  • Erica’s morning routine and how she sets herself up for success
  • Her New Year’s Eve routine that starts her year
  • The Bro Dough Formula
  • Why pivoting has been an important strategy for her
  • Her answer to what the title of her memoir would be and what mine would be
  • Where it’s available, where to buy and so much more…

 Join Ramon Vela and Erica Rankin as we break down the inside story of Bro Dough on The Story of a Brand.

 For more on Bro Dough, visit:

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