When asked, “what’s the secret of success for Branzio,” Ronnie says, “I’ll reply with the quote that’s been on my mind since my school days and it’s three words: NEVER GIVE IN. And I’ll take you through a couple of scenarios where the business almost folded and when I say folded, it was basically, there was no way I was able to come out of it.”

This is the struggle that every entrepreneur goes through and it takes its toll. Ronnie shares how he took his stress and anxiety out through alcohol. And how he now credits his sobriety, physical health, and mental health to the changes he made. “I have clarity like never before,” says Ronnie,

In today’s episode, we interview Ronnie Teja, Founder of Branzio, an eight-figure, bootstrapped, cash-profitable watch brand that designs various styles as well as color schemes, to be worn all day, every day, regardless of the situation.

We discuss numerous topics both personal and business topics all of which are fascinating.

* His gratefulness for his mother and for winning the “golden ticket”
* The difference in mentality, entrepreneurship, and opportunity in other countries
* What is the tall poppy syndrome
* Who is Branzio Watches
* Why founders should expect to grow their brands for at least 10 years
* The keys to success
* Two stories of when the business almost went under
* What sobriety has done for him
* How he escaped the emotional roller coaster of anxiety and stress
* An overview of Branzio Watches and what makes them special

Join Ramon Vela and Ronnie Teja as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Branzio, visit: https://branzio.com/

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