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For Tyler Sully Sullivan, Founder of BombTech Golf and Ecom Growers, the road to building one of the best digitally native Golf Club companies wasn’t easy. It included getting fired, running out of cash, getting the local University to help him design his product, and finally, getting out of his own way so his team could be successful.
In Part 1 of this episode, Sully discusses Why he decided to build his own clubs, How he got the University to help him design his first club, Why you can’t recreate the feeling of the first sale, Why he documented everything and how that helped him build the brand, What makes BombTech Clubs so different, Why he doesn’t make assumptions about his customers, The Elements of Sully’s success, Why timing plays a part, Why getting fired was the best things that happened to him, and How he made more money when he worked less and so much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interview Sully in Part 1 of this episode and listen to him share the inside story of a brand.
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