Connor Meakin, the Founder of Bluebird Provisions, thought his company would “crush it” sales-wise when the pandemic hit, but instead, business slowed to a trickle.

When there’s an empty shelf of a food product, the food producer is often the last to know. There are so many uphill issues with wholesale and retail stories that upstart brands must cope with, Connor says.

In Part 2, Connor discusses:

* How a startup food producer’s lack of resources can hurt retail sales.
* The product’s taste was the most challenging part of developing the dehydrated version of the product.
* The importance of having good partners from a food science perspective.
* How powdered products were easier to get into the U.S. market than liquid products.
* The challenges of being a startup include being forced to change the company’s name in 30 days.

Join Ramon Vela and Connor Meakin as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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