Connor Meakin, Founder of Bluebird Provisions, is a bone broth enthusiast and a self-described “health food kind of nut,” which explains his passion for Bluebird’s products.

Connor discovered the health qualities of bone broth after suffering a devastating foot injury in 2016. The broth’s protein and amino acid composition proved to be a much-needed healing solution to his health troubles. When he discovered bone broth was hard to come by, he decided to make his own and sell it.

Today, Bluebird has a line of certified organic liquid bone broth and a new lineup of instant bone broth powder.

In Part 1, Connor discusses:

* How his athletic injury sparked a discovery of a little-known food product.
* How a longtime battle with anxiety and depression led him to become a more balanced human being.
* The importance of developing a “toolbox” of strategies to deal with personal and professional challenges.
* How the pandemic caused a near standstill in retail sales, forcing Bluebird to pivot to online DTC sales.
* The challenges of developing a shelf-stable version of the product.
* The discovery that the DTC version of the product also helped retail reception.

Join Ramon Vela and Connor Meakin as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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