Dan says, “Our north star is, how do we help our customers improve their wellness not only individually, but the community as well? How do we create the best products to support and provide balance for our customers? Doing that means considering every ingredient in our products? What can we get rid of and how can we make them as simple as possible?”

Today, we interview Dan Young, Founder and CEO of Black Dahlia. Black Dahlia is committed to groundbreaking science, ethically sourced botanicals, and conscientious craftsmanship. Through their innovative collaborations with leading scientists, artisans and makers, they create inspired hemp-infused products that deliver quality, efficacy and serenity.

We discuss:

* What he’s grateful for
* Our discussion about difficult challenges and how they ultimately help you grow
* Overview and origin of Black Dahlia brand
* How their goal is to create an ecosystem of artisanal wellness products
* Why they don’t see other CBD products as competitors but main stream brands instead
* What is their north star and how it drives them
* What challenges they faced creating their unique products
* Why they create products that they love for themselves
* A review of their products including lollipops, Bonbons, candles, aroma/fragrances and more

Join Ramon Vela and Dan Young as we break down the inside story of Black Dahlia on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Black Dahlia, visit: https://blackdahlia.co/

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