“Giving gifts is important” that’s the reminder from Bestowe Gifting to people and corporations. In part 2, Catherine Weis, Founder of Bestowe Gifting, says that giving gifts reminds people that someone is looking out for them.

Since her childhood, Catherine has been into artisanship. According to her, Artisans gravitate towards visual mediums like Pinterest and Instagram, so they also have an artisan page on their site. She mentions that the brand works with event planners too.

She partners with companies like Forbes, Google, Netflix, and others. They provide gifting services for baby showers, weddings, homes, holidays, wellness, thank you’s, and employees.

She discusses:

* Traits she looks for in Artisans
* What artisans gravitate towards
* Their artisan page
* Their custom gifting service
* Partnership with event planners
* Bestowe Gifting’s collection
* Being sustainable

Join Ramon Vela and Catherine Weis as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Bestowe Gifting, visit: https://bestowegifting.com/ 

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