Anouck says, “Is there something important about making them in Belgium? I think the importance is about quality. And right now we are achieving this quality in Europe. We, as a brand, have decided on behalf of the consumer to never lower our quality. That is something that our brand stands for. I don’t know if our consumer knows where our products are made? They buy it because it tastes delicious. It’s better quality and the fact that it’s made in Belgium is added value.

Today we interview Anouck Gotlib, CEO of Belgian Boys. Belgian Boys is a Woman Owned brand, with a majority female workforce that produces delights for every time of day, from breakfast to dessert, all made in Europe for sharing worldwide.

We discuss:

* Her gratefulness for her brother who helped with mindfulness
* Overview and origin of the brand
* Learning from mistakes
* Why they make their product in Belgium
* How they broke through the competition
* Their journey with retailers
* Advice for other founders, including dealing with naysayers, ask for advice, learn from tough experiences
* New products and more…

Join Ramon Vela and Anouck Gotlib, as we break down the inside story of Belgian Boys on The Story of a Brand.

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