BeKoherent’s priority is to work with the entire supply chain to protect biodiversity, says Adriana Henao, co-founder of BeKoherent, a personal care brand that is focusing on offering cruelty-free, vegan products that are produced in a sustainable and biodegradable way.

“I strongly believe that collaboration can play a serious role in civilizing the health of the planet and ensuring more equitable sharing of wealth – if we put our minds and money to doing so,” Adriana says.

The passion of Adriana and BeKoherent is a reduction in waste by focusing on plastic-free personal care products.

To that end, part of the brand’s mission is to promote and develop education and public-private partnerships about health and food security in disadvantaged communities among different cultures.

In Part 1, Adriana talks about:

* Gratefulness for her husband’s belief in the company and the faith he has in her direction.
* How entrepreneurship is a skill she’s still learning.
* How her growing family helped sparked her passion for safer personal care products.
* Her journey into entrepreneurship and how branding and sourcing guided her.

Join Ramon Vela and Adriana Henao as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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