Launching a beauty brand can be overwhelming and expensive, so Beia Beauty decided to focus on a single “hero product,” says Brittany Lo, the brand’s founder and CEO.

“I luckily had a few mentors, and one of them she said, like, ‘I would rather see you put all your energy and effort in creating one amazing product versus you spending all this extra money and time on, say like five products where maybe four of them will be fine and only one will be good because you still don’t know who your true customer is,'” Brittany says.

After talking to her hair and makeup clients, Brittany decided the product should be a daily hydrating setting mist.

“It does seem random where there’s no sex piece involved in it, but that was very deliberate, knowing that we needed people to feel comfortable talking about our brand or product,” she says. “And once they loved the quality of our ingredients and the packaging, we could launch these new skincare products with this sexual wellness component.”

The hydrating mist received great support right from its launch, thanks to a glowing review in “Cosmopolitan” magazine. With that victory under the belt, Beia is moving faster into the sexual wellness part of its brand. Refresh wipes are the first of those products.

“Our whole initiative for this year is starting to have more conversations around this category because no matter who you are or where you come from, most people do hve sex,” Brittany says. “So why is it this shady, dirty thing that no one likes to talk about? … It’s all about being relatable and lighthearted and playful and having some fun as we talk about it more.”

With the pandemic, people realize they have more time to take care of their bodies and skin. The result: The sexual wellness space has grown by triple digits.

“I just think that the level of education will expand for all of body care, intimate care, and ingestible health as well,” she says. “And I’m excited about that because it shows that we are investing in ourselves more and more, which means the transparency of ingredients is becoming more readily available for consumers to educate themselves on.”

Her advice for entrepreneurs who embark on similar journeys: “You’re going to hit road bumps, you’re going to have challenges, and it’s going to feel like it’s never going to work out. … My coach always said, ‘How do you eat a watermelon bite, bite, bite?’ Don’t focus on that end goal. What’s that next step? One step to get you a little closer to that goal and just focus on that.”

In Part 2, Brittany talks about:

* How she came to decide on Beia’s first product.
* The testing and research regime in the development of Beia’s products.
* The joy of the success of the first product – a hydrating mist – thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations.
* How her brand approaches the sexual wellness conversation – by making people feel more comfortable talking about the category.
* The company’s priority is to build communities.
* The next product coming up: a body and intimacy serum.
* Advice for other entrepreneurs who are considering a change in direction.

Join Ramon Vela and Brittany Lo as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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