In the second part of this Feature, we continue interviewing Mayssa Chehata, Founder of BEHAVE.  She starts off the episode by discussing the process of finding the right ingredients.

She realized her cooking abilities wouldn’t allow her to do the R&D required, so she interviewed several food scientists and formulators. From there, she decided that she needed to bring a pastry chef onto the team.Together, they perfected the formula with clean ingredients.

Mayssa talks a lot about how her business operates. She discusses the distribution strategy and the selling format. She mentions that after the pandemic goes away, she plans on going into airports, movie theaters, and sports arenas. She is making the best of this situation and still allowing her company to grow.

In part 2, we hear how the recipe took shape, the business side of things, and her decision to launch direct-to-consumer.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Mayssa and listen to her share the inside story.

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