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In Part 2 of this powerful and inspiring story,  Stewart Anderson, Founder of Beast & Buckle, continues sharing the inside and personal story of building his premium dog harness and product brand.
In part 2 of this feature, Stewart discusses What to look for in a Co-Founder, Why finding the right Co-Founder is like winning the lottery, When Entrepreneurship and Depression meet, Why you must watch for the signs of depression, Why Entrepreneurs need someone to share the ups and downs with, Why Entrepreneurs need to find ways to deal with stress, How to reach your community, Why Beast & Buckle are turning the DTC Email Playbook on its head, Why it’s better to be less transaction to make sales, Why you can’t get the Beast & Buckle experience with Amazon, How to reward customers, and so much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Stewart while he shares the inside story of a brand.
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