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His dog saved his life. Stewart Anderson, Founder of Beast & Buckle, got his dog ( or his son as he affectionately calls him) when he was at his lowest point. He was struggling after his father’s death who had been dealing with depression and bipolar disease all his life and had finally succumbed to it in 2016. It was his dog who had given him a reason to get out of bed and to have something to do with his day. Now it was his dog, that inspired the brand.
Stewart wanted to figure out a way to spend time with his dog, work on something that helped other dogs, and leveraged his digital marketing experience. Unbeknownst to Stewart, by also sharing his story, he was also helping people who also dealt with similar mental health issues.
In part 1 of this insightful episode, Stewart discusses How he learned digital marketing while in the Navy, Why it’s best to be Brand-focused versus Product-focused, How he made his passion & mission his business, The Steps to starting a brand, Why the goal was to provide premium products and not so premium prices, Why have a mission pushes you when things get difficult,  and so much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Stewart while he shares the inside story of a brand.
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