Camille and Levi say, “What does it do for the individual? What is problem are we solving? When we first started talking to chemists and they would say don’t put so much energy and effort into your formula, because people only stick to a skincare routine for about six months, and then they jump. And I was why? It’s because they are paying for something they’re not getting, so then continuing to move on to look for something better.”

They go on to say, “We think, if you focus your energy on solving a genuine problem, then why would customers go anywhere else?

Today we talked with Camille Chulick and Levi Chulick, Founders of Averr Aglow. Averr Aglow is a brand that offers natural skin care products to help achieve clear, nourished, and radiant skin by using the best ingredients, vitamins, and minerals..

We discussed topics from becoming entrepreneurs to building a skincare brand, and the lessons learned. Topics include:

* Why they are grateful for their parents
* What they would if they had kids
* An overview of Averr Aglow
* Why they look for patterns of success in business and you should too
* Why they think you should bet on yourself
* If you want to be an entrepreneur, combine a problem to solve and passion
* How their research led them to more than just a product business
* How Acne works
* Where they find their ingredients
* Why they prefer the term “healthy aging” versus Anti-aging
* Why people jump from skincare to skincare routine and what they do differently
* A review of their products

Join Ramon Vela, Camille Chulick and Levi Chulick as we break down the inside story of Averr Aglow, on The Story of a Brand.

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