“Curate what people want” that’s the Auralie goal. In part 2, Tessa Jennifer, Founder of Aurelie tells you can never be 100% sure in her job but learning from mistakes makes you better.

She studies brands and picks individual styles beforehand. Tessa shares stories about customers who come to them not just because of clothes but also their values. Auralie’s blog also features creative people in the industry.

She suggests going to the new arrivals section of their website for fresh styles. They also have a list of designers and best-selling collections for every week. Auralie started with clothing and jewelry. Right now, they are expanding to shoes, too. Being on social channels like Instagram and Pinterest helped them reach more customers.

Here she talked about:

* How she chooses cloth pieces
* Auralie’s values
* Building a community
* Opportunity to expand
* How she got the word out at the start

Join Ramon Vela and Tessa Jennifer as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Auralie, visit: https://auraliestudio.com/

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