Art of Sucre isn’t any average cotton candy maker, says Founder and CEO Emily Harpel. The Ohio-based company offers flavors such as watermelon, bourbon, pina colada, and “glitter bombs” – tiny fluffs of cotton candy dropped into drinks to reveal edible glitter inside.

The idea of making cotton candy came to Emily as she was planning her wedding. She wanted a food-based party favor that was truly unique and was disappointed by the options she found online.

Emily got her start with event planning, and the customer service experience she gained there helped her when it came time to launch an online store for her product.

In Part 1, Emily talks about:

* How as you get older, it becomes more difficult to take chances with your career.
* Why she passed on graduate school to pursue this business.
* How she used the pandemic as an opportunity to redesign the product’s packaging.
* Her start in event planning and how that helped launch Art of Sucre.
* How her product is not only a dessert but an experience.
* The unexpected reaction her husband had to her business idea.

Join Ramon Vela and Emily Harpel as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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