Designing a gourmet cotton candy product is more technical than the consumer probably thinks, says Art of Sucre Founder and CEO Emily Harpel. It took a design team to work out the candy’s fluffiness, packaging, and consistency.

“Creativity is truly endless” when it comes to product options, says Emily. Art of Sucre began with six original flavors and has grown to feature dozens more, including seasonal ones.

For now, Art of Sucre is a DTC brand, but Emily hopes that strategy will evolve in the near future as the pandemic fades.

In Part 2, Emily talks about:

* How freeing it is as an entrepreneur when you let go of what other people say.
* Her joy of corporate gifting opportunities.
* Overcoming her initial discomfort working with social media.
* How her determination to try her idea – to take the first step – was the most challenging but satisfying lesson.

Join Ramon Vela and Emily Harpel as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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