“We wanted to create products that would provide relief more immediately,” says Siffat Haider and Nishant Samantray, Co-Founders of Arrae, a 100% natural wellness company.

Nish has worked with startups, and Siff comes from a beauty/influencer background. When they came up with the idea for Arrae, what was necessary for them was that it had to be results-driven, targeted, and efficacious.

Digestion and anxiety are so closely linked that they created holistic solutions called “Bloat” for optimal digestion health and “Calm” for a naturally calming down without feeling drowsy.

During the pandemic, sales did exceptionally well; however, the situation was stressful and tough to navigate. Still, orders from around the world gave them the conviction and validation that their product impacted people’s lives.

They talk about:

* What they are grateful for
* Overview of the brand
* Problems they experienced
* Stress during the pandemic
* The thing that gave them conviction & motivation
* Their backgrounds before Arrae

Join Ramon Vela and Siff Haider, and Nish Samantray as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Arrae, visit: https://www.arrae.com/

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