Can a product produced by moms who breastfeed be utilized to protect people of all ages? That’s the mission of Armra, a business that leverages the ancient superfood colostrum.

Dr. Sarah Rahal, Founder and CEO of ARMRA, is a conventionally trained, double board-certified pediatric neurologist with a sub-specialty in pain and chronic headaches in children. She ran a busy practice on New York’s Upper East Side at an academic institution. With a background in functional medicine and environmental health, she brought a holistic framework to her practice.

Frustrated by traditional medical practice approaches to children with chronic disease diagnoses, Sarah set out on her own to find some answers. Her research led her to colostrum, a thick, rich, yellow fluid produced during the first moments of breastfeeding.

Traditionally known as an “immunization shot” for babies, colostrum could also improve immune barriers in all ages, Sarah says. Eventually, her team created a technology that uses cows as a source for colostrum that could then be used as a superfood.

“It does look like medicine, and it is confusing to understand exactly how it works,” Sarah says. “I think we’re seeing some cultural trends move in this direction. But I think up until now, it’s been a very confusing product for people to get their wrap their heads around. It does this and this and this and this and this. It’s just so many things. It’s hard to figure out what to use it for.”

That’s one mission of ARMRA – providing education and thought leadership to change the paradigm in the talk about immune health.

“We’re in a society of inflammation,” Sarah says. “What we need to do is restore balance to the immune system. And this that’s exactly how this product works and how colostrum was designed to work.”

In Part 1, Sarah talks about:

* Gratitude for her best friend and her support over her vision.
* Her journey from a regular medical practice to a specialized one-on-one approach with patients.
* The importance of colostrum.
* Why the product has been underutilized to date.
* The need to protect yourself from the toxins of the modern world.

Join Ramon Vela and Dr. Sarah Rahal as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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