“Finding new plants that hydrate, nourish, and help skin flourish” is what sets Alpyn Beauty apart from others. In part 2, Kendra Kolb Butler, Founder of Alpyn Beauty, continues talking about their ingredients.

As per Kendra, hydration is the key to good skin, and that’s why everyone should start with a good moisturizer. She advises that going from thinnest to thickest when using skincare products is suitable for the skin. According to her, great skincare products can be fun because you can see the difference right away.

The brand’s skincare products are built for rough environments. During the pandemic, Shutting down stores helped Kendra focus on the brand’s products more. She also suggests that it’s hard to find balance in life, and it’s worth it to follow your dreams and passion.

She talked about

* Baseline for skin
* Shutting stores down
* Alpyn Beauty products
* Introducing new plants
* Educating customers
* Balancing life

Join Ramon Vela and Kendra Kolb Butler as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Alpyn Beauty, visit: https://alpynbeauty.com/ 

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