Nate says, “that’s where the Scandinavian companies just shine. Yeah. Because they are so focused on the utility of the garment. The saying is there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. And that is, that is like as close to a motto for Norway, Sweden, and Denmark as you can get.

Today we interview Nate Axvig, Co-founder of Aktiv. Aktiv is not disposable clothing. Aktiv represents clothing that is built to endure and last. It is your view into the durable, functional designs of Scandinavia. Timeless Classics.

We discuss:

* His gratefulness for starting the business with his wife and the support his friends and family gave him
* Overview of the brand
* Origin of the brand: what led up to starting the brand
* Starting the brand and testing the concept over the web
* Focusing on well made, classic clothing
* Why there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing
* How they faired during the pandemic
* Why they decided to open a physical store
* Their main material: Wool
* Future plans for Aktiv

Join Ramon Vela and Nate Axvig as we break down the inside story of Aktiv on The Story of a Brand.

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