“Let’s not make this one hour ruin the other twenty-three” that’s the philosophy that the founders of Air & Anchor a build into their jewelry design. In part 2, Rachel and Omar Ajaj, Co-Founders of Air & Anchor, mention they try strive to be transparent while telling their stories to people.

One of underlying things that people don’t see when looking at a brand is the work it takes to get to product made. According to them, a brand needs to share with the customer all the extra things a brand does in the backend for that consumer.

Also, the brand always tries to create products that they themselves love while following up with the customer for feedback. In their design strategy, Omar and Rachel first sketch down pieces then give them to artisans who further carve and create the jewelry.

They discuss:

* Being authentic with customers
* The philosophy around the jewelry
* Designing and manufacturing process
* Air & Anchor charms
* What next

Join Ramon Vela, Rachel, and Omar Ajaj as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Air and Anchor, visit: https://airandanchor.com/ 

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