In the first part of this Feature, Brendan Nugent, CEO of Adrenaline, tells us that there is no easier and safer way to gift yourself or friends a blood-pumping experience like skydiving, INDY Race Car driving, Zip-lining, or helicopter rides than to use the Adrenaline platform. He shares the two sides of the platform with us, from helping over 400 small businesses sell their experiences (really critical during this pandemic) and engaging consumers/adrenaline junkies with amazing activities. If you’re looking for something safe for yourself, group of friends, and regional (within driving distance), look no further than


In part one, Brendan discusses: What is Adrenaline; How they’re helping over 400 small businesses survive the pandemic; How consumers are turning to small regional experiences to stay safe; How they pivoted from travel agency to gifting platform; What a typical experience is like for the consumer; What they’re doing to keep people safe; describing the iFly experience, and more.


Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Brendan in Part 1 of this episode and listen to him share the inside story.


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