Know one knows better than yourself what your brand or business is about, says Jose Alvarez, Co-founder of Abbott NYC, a company that makes clean fragrances inspired by beautiful destinations.

“I think the most powerful brands are authentic,” Jose says. “In today’s world, a lot of that authenticity comes from the founders and their beliefs and values.”

Jose recalls the highs and lows of the brand’s launch, calling it an “emotional rollercoaster.” Meditation proved to be the key to coping with the pressure.

“I meditate in the mornings every day,” he says. “I have a journal where I journal different thoughts, different ideas. I think having a co-founder or even a person you trust is advantageous. They can bounce ideas off. I found that that’s helpful.”

Forward momentum – “action” – is one of the most important things not only in business but in life in general, Jose says.

“It’s quite easy to just stay in your head and get down on things,” he says. “But nothing gets done in the world, your life, or your business if you don’t take action.”

Abbott NYC began with four fragrances: Mojave, Telluride, Sequoia, and The Cape. Jose says he likes to focus on a memory for a specific location when coming up with the scents. It can take three to six months to develop a new fragrance.

In Part 2, Jose talks about:

* Advice for fellow entrepreneurs starting a brand.
* The importance of staying even-keeled.
* How meditation helped with the stress of the startup.
* The importance of having a trusted friend or co-founder to bounce ideas off of.
* A look at the brand’s products.
* The process of creating a scent.

Join Ramon Vela and Jose Alvarez as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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